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There’s only one obstacle standing between you and the realization of all your goals. That obstacle is not your environment, the economy, your employer, your enemy, or your ex. That obstacle is YOU! Only YOU can stop YOU! You stop yourself by failing to act. You stop yourself by procrastinating on the things you should do. You stop yourself by doubting your possibilities. And it’s your fault. The most important word for goal attainment is ACTION. If you act sufficiently, you can reach your goals; if you don’t act—or don’t act enough—you won’t. It’s really that simple.


I may not know your name and it’s likely that we have never met before, but somehow I believe in my heart that I know some things to be true about you. For instance, I know you have a dream you want to achieve. I know you want to make the most of your life and do remarkable things with your life. And I know you don’t want to end up like the vast majority of humans who lead lives of failure, frustration and quiet desperation. But let me be frank with you: In spite of all I know and believe about you, if you refuse to go after that dream in your heart—even though you already have what it takes to achieve it and even though I wholeheartedly believe you can—you won’t. That’s the blunt truth. The issue is not whether you can achieve your dream; the issue is whether you WILL achieve your dream. If you go after your dream, you will achieve it. Nothing and no one can stop you.

I wish you a most SPLENDID! day!

Your Partner-In-Progress,

Kaycee Okuma  


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