Two families, the Nduka’s and the Okonkwo’s are neighbours. The Nduka’s always quarrelled while the Okonkwo’s lived quietly and happily.

One day, feeling rather jealous about their neighbour’s constant peacefulness, Mrs. Nduka said to her husband, “Why don’t you go over to the Okonkwo’s house and find out why they are so peaceful.”

The husband agreed and went. He hid somewhere close to the Okonkwo’s house and began to spy. He saw Mrs. Okonkwo mopping the floor in the sitting room. Then something seemed to distract her and she went into the kitchen. At that very moment, her husband walked into the sitting room. He had not noticed the bucket of water in the way and stumbled into it. The water poured all over the floor.

The wife ran back from the kitchen and said, “Darling, gbahara m. I’m so sorry. It’s my fault. I should have removed the bucket from the way.

The husband replied, “Mba, my dear, it’s my fault. I should have noticed it.”

Mr. Nduka had seen enough. He went back home in a pensive mood.

Upon getting home, his wife asked him, “Did you find out the reason why they are so peaceful?”

Mr. Nduka replied, “Yes, I did. We always fight to be right but they always take the blame for any mistake.”


MORAL: If you want a truly peaceful and long-lasting relationship, forgiveness is key. Don’t be quick to criticize or condemn your partner.  


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