Thank God it’s Tuesday!


We live in a new world. We live in a time and an age that is characterised by four C’s: Change, Competition, Complexity, and Chance. We are experiencing tumultuous change at a rapid and alarming – if not frightening – rate. Regardless of the field or industry, competition is intensifying daily, and because of the internet, competition has now become borderless. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in, the world has become a global village, and the resultant effect is that life has become more and more complex. Long gone and never to return are the days of the ‘simple’ life. And all these changes in our world are also bringing a host of opportunities to individuals who are nimble-minded and competent at what they do.


Competence is the currency of this new age. Only the competent can thrive and continue to lead in our new world. There’s no future in any career or profession; the future is in the individual. It’s not about what a man does but how well he does it and the difficulty of replacing him.


My candid advice to you this morning is to become competent at what you do. Don’t settle for average. Don’t be mediocre. STAND OUT! There’s no future for the average individual. Solomon, of ancient antiquity, advised, ‘Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might.’ I couldn’t have said it better.


And remember, nobody is coming to the rescue. It’s completely in your own hands.


I wish you a most MAGNIFICENT! day!

Your Partner-In-Progress,

Kaycee Okuma  


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