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Let me share with you an insightful account of how some African hunters catch monkeys. A hunter gets a coconut and cuts off one end to make a small hole just large enough to allow a monkey’s fist to enter, and then the hunter attaches the other end of the coconut to a long cord. Next, the hunter places a few peanuts inside the coconut, places the coconut in the middle of a clearing, and then hides behind a tree to await the monkeys. Before long, the monkeys come playing, and one of them smelling the peanuts inside the coconut shell will then reach inside the shell to grab the peanuts. It gets the peanuts, but now its fist – full of peanuts – is too large to escape the hole in the coconut. Immediately the hunter notices this, he will yank on the cord and haul the money to captivity because the monkey will not let go of the peanuts to save its life! This ancient hunting strategy continues to produce consistent result.


Perhaps you are wondering what relevance this story has to you. Only one question: What activity do you continue to engage in that you know is wrong and being found out could result in a massive scandal you may not be able to recover from?


I’m not judging you. I’m only advising not to be a monkey.


I wish you a most SPLENDID! day!

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Kaycee Okuma  

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